About upcoming release Rakugo and missing links.

So as you can notice I removed links to project downloads and docs. New version of Rakugo needs tests - it was totally rewritten. You can stili download old version if you want here.

About the upcoming release Rakugo 3.0.0

Vaasref and I rewrite Rakugo now:

What about Some X Node or some x feature that was included in previous versions of Rakugo

Some of them will comeback as part of some Rakugo game-kits or addons.

Known Issues

Now for Rakugo works correct you must reopen project again after first open.

Download and test

Now this current version of Rakugo is consider to be stable beta, but we need testers so if you want to help us you can download/fork project template and port of The Question.

I soon will post text and video tutorials how to use new Rakugo.