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Godot 3.3 Release

This release of Godot is very important for Rakugo because one of changes. This important change is that now it supports custom threads in HTML5 export. That finally fixes Rakugo HTML5 export, because Rakugo Dialog node uses custom threads. I already wrote article about it in our Docs

Vaasref Leaves the Teams

Me and Vaasref had a very different approach to the project and its further development. The collaboration is not going well for us. After long discussions we decided that each of us would go our own way in the best possible way. He currently has his own similar project, more info here

This Release

New big Node: RakugoTextLabel

I was planning to add better support animation, but I have to make some big changes in the project to do that. But it turned out that because of our poor communication only say () and its gui, contrary to what the documentation says, supported markups in 3.1.x. This release also focused on fixing this problem. For this purpose, I created a new node.

RakugoTextLabel Node that allows to use renpy, markdown or bbcode in gui. It also works in edit mode, but in that mode it will not replace Rakugo vars with its values.

Now menu() in-game gui supports it and also multiple lines using \n.

Now also notify() in-game gui supports it.

Simpler use of menu()

It this release I made use of menu() simpler:

Both ways can be used.

Here is new menu():

var test = menu([
  "Just string can be a choice",
  ["Choice can be one size"],
  ["This choice returns 2", 2],

Here is old menu():

How menu above would look like in old way

var test = menu([
  ["Just string can be a choice", "Just string can be a choice", {}]
  ["Choice can be one size", "Choice can be one size", {}],
  ["This choice returns 2", 2, {}],


Using new RakugoTextLabel by in-game gui, breaks in-game gui from 3.1.



Just unpack Rakugo_3.2_update.zip to overwrite your Rakugo 3.1 project.


Download Here