Sorry for the long silence on Rakugo. A lot has happened in real life. But also a lot has happened in Rakugo development. Let me tell you what happened in development of Rakugo 3.3.

Let’s summarize what has happened:

Why it is 3.3 what happened to 3.2.1 ?

So I bump up the version of upcoming released to 3.3, because there more changes under the hood. The two of which can break a compatibility a bit:

Progress in Rakugo 3.3

I abandon use of Trello as Rakugo Roadmap. It is too much work to keep track of all the tasks and issues in two places Trello and Github. Which made it difficult to find out what is going on as I often forget to add proper issues on github.

So I decided to use Github Issues and Projects features instead.

Now you can check the progress of Rakugo 3.3 in Github: here

I hope this change will make easier to contribute to Rakugo development.

Planned Release Date

I want to release Rakugo 3.3 in this month.

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins!!!

I started to split Rakugo to separated plugins. There are 2 reasons for this:

Separated plugins are:

Fixes, Fixes, Fixes!!!


Now Emojis Finder are loading was speed up, by use of script to generate emojis grid scene once instead of crating it from emoji.json each time when Emojis Finder was shown.



Fixes In Progress

I’m not yet sure how I will fix this, but I will try:

New Features



This is a new tool in upcoming Rakugo 3.3. It will allow to edit and preview text for dialogues lines and for RakugoTextLabels used in game UI.

I already have some ideas for this feature:

Features from not released 3.2.1


Adventure is totally Rakugo Point & Click module rewritten.

New Nodes To Do in Adventure 0.2