Release of Rakugo 2.1.00

1 minute read

Version Numbering System Changed

Originally, version 2.1.00 was supposed to give the opportunity to create adventure games (point & click) in addition to visual novel games. But the changes that I made now are quite big, in particular the fact that the large GUI now uses its own viewport to display scene - it will facilitate the creation of games from genres other than visual novel with Rakugo. I also changed version numbering to 4 digits, which will be useful because I have an idea for a lot of small improvements graphical tools. The previous version 2.1.0 now becomes version 2.2.00.

New tools Screenshots:

Blurred paused game

Now on pause or when you in options game in background is blured

New Loading Screen

New Better/ more secure way of loading scene/saves now with loading screen

Rakugo Tools Menu

Menu with all new Rakugo Tools

Emoji Window

Emoji Panel -> Emoji window

Modify ScenesLinks Window

New easy way to edit ScenesLinks resources

Rakugo Project Settings

New easy way to edit Rakugo Project Settings


  • New more flexible version of ScenesLinks resource format will make easy to expand it in future versions of Rakugo - but don’t worry, Rakugo will automatically convert ScenesLinks resources to new format
  • background is now blurred during pause or when you in option menu
  • New Better/ more secure way of loading scene/saves now with loading screen
  • GUI now uses it own viewport - it will follow camera in your scene
  • Fixes in Save/Load system
  • Rakugo Projects Settings can use settings overwrite cfg file
  • Fixes for Godot 3.2 compatibility
  • Better RakugoMenu
  • Rakugo Tools menu
  • Emoji Panel -> Emoji window
  • New Modify ScenesLinks window
  • New Rakugo Project Setting tab in Project Setting Window
  • Correct all ScenesLinks miss spelling
  • Add link to open RakugoDocs
  • Files * .themes -> *.tres
  • Use simpler solution than git submodules - it will make easier to contribute
  • Add pause on punctuation like in Ace Attorney games as requested by Crystalwarrior on discord

Known Issues