Release of Rakugo 2.1.06

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Fixes and new features.

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  • Fixes for RPG Game Kit
  • Fix RakugoRangeVar - now works as intended
  • Made RakugoTextLabel preview works in editor (shown in the screenshot)
  • Change text passer to Singleton to make ⬆️ above possible
  • Add DELIVERED_STATE to quest states
  • Add icon value to CharacterObj - not useful yet
  • Add new flag Rakugo.can_save - allow to turn on/off save and auto-save features.
  • Add flag Rakugo.can_show_in_game_gui
  • Better working"InGameGUI") now works only if Rakugo.can_show_in_game_gui = true
  • Fixes in Rakugo Project Settings tab
  • Better code in gui/Screens/Screens.tscn

How To Update

Unfortunately for Rakugo, the automatic adding of singletons doesn’t work.

  1. You need to delete all Rakugo files except the game folder
  2. Then copy the file from the new Rakugo version to your project