Rakugo Release 3.1.1

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Sorry for the long silence, but I had a lot on my mind. We also talked a lot with support for animation and documentation. It is possible that we will transfer (to readthedocs) and rewrite the documentation. And here, thanks for waiting, you have a new version of Rakugo.

Changes in Rakugo 3.1.1

  • fix bug: mulitple DialoguePanels, broken on menus
  • Fixed resize NotifyDisplay on new message
  • Added warning and failsafe when trying to get null value from StoreManager
  • Refactored SceneLoader to use a deferred preloading
  • Reworked the loading signals to have a single unified Rakugo-wide loading signal
  • Adding missing ending to the typing effect forcing the player to stepmultiple time to pass to the next

You can dowload here