Rakugo Release 3.1.0

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In this release we fixes many bugs and rewrite ShowManager. New ShowManager brakes compatibility, but makes eaiser to use our tag system. We alredy updated our tutorial about show for this: Tutorial

Changes in Rakugo 3.1.0

  • Now AskEntry autofocus
  • Fix path to RaugoTools scene at loading in plugin.gd
  • Increase version to 3.1.0
  • Reworked ShowableManager now it easier to use now: tags starts with $ and can use # for node name and * for wildcard
  • Better threads handling to fix some bugs with rollback, especially after scene change
  • Fix bug with loading save thumbnail when using saves on path user://
  • Better jumping, loading scene, added timer to avoid some bugs with them, like flicker
  • Reworked life cycle of Dialogue
  • Now Pause Menu hides after save is loaded
  • Reworked example to be better, add second scene to test/show changing scenes and make compatible with new ShowableManager

You can dowload here