Release of RPG Game Kit 0.1.2

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I changed Extension into Game Kit this better describes their usage. New Release of Rakugo RPG Extension. It fixes many bugs.

Please consider a donation to the project.


  • use new features of Rakugo 2.1.06
  • Better character placement on Combat Area
  • Fixes bugs in managing turns
  • Fixes bugs in that when more that 1 vs 1 , enemies always wins
  • Example now is combat 2 vs 2

It adds

  • RPGCharacter - extension of Character Node
  • Combat System
  • Example assets from GDQuest’s godot-open-rpg

What about other RPG mechanics

  • Quest System is already part of Rakugo
  • Other rpg machanics will be added in next updates of this extension

You can download it here