Question: So it’s about adding a refined writing and dialogue system to the engine?

Answer: Yes, and kits and addons provide more: nodes, objects and funcs to make easy to provide mechanics like in point&click, rpgs and etc.

Q: As a scenarist, what would I gain from using Rakugo over Ren’Py or Twine ?

A: It is made as godot addon - you can use all godot features. You can make your game 2d, 2.5d or 3d - you can only 2d in Ren’Py. You can easy add minigames or mix it with other game genre. It will have mechanics for point&click games and rpgs - Ren’Py and Twine are only for vn. This project’s dialog functions can do more than Ren’Py equivalents.

Q: How does the project interact with the engine ?

A: For now this project is a singleton and a collection of special nodes. There is included simple example how to connect this system to simple gui, if you want more advanced features, you can use one of provided Kits.

Q: What are the Kits ?

A: Kits are template for your game project. They are Rakugo plus addons, and UI template that combines those together for given game genre.

Q: Is it easy to use ?

A: For now it is not that easy as I want it to be, but we are working to make it use RakuScript (this project’s own language) similar to Ren’Py one.